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Artisans Mithtim Elven Jewelry

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Costumes, Bijoux
Our workshop is located in Siberia. The wild northern nature froze in our copper jewelry. By combining leaves, both natural and covered with copper, untreated stones, and crystals with forged metal parts, we create different jewelry, from necklaces to diadems. All our works are 100% handmade and none of them can be repeated identically.
We’ve started working with copper a few years ago in order to embody the idea of handcrafting true authorial jewelry without using industrial jewelry findings. When we learned electroforming technique, we pushed the bounds of possibility. We can conserve true natural beauty of leaves, branches and stones in metal.
This is how the work goes:
We collect plants growing near our house. We are from Siberia, therefore it’s really easy to find something interesting in the forest. Sometimes, we should go to the shore or far into the woods to find a needed flower or a leaf. Following that, plants are being coppered (electroformed) and ready to the next stages. Only after sketching the jewelry, forging, open flame soldering and polishing we are ready to take a photograph and show you a finished work.

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